Helping hospitals and patients back home. Hospitals in our country send us a list what they are in desperate need of. We collect medical equipment collaborating with other organizations and send them back home to help doctors save lives.


Contribute to a patient that needs help.
We send meals, gift cards, gift baskets or cover their monthly rent. Make them smile and feeling they are not alone in their fight.

Contribute with your preferred amount. Your generosity and support will make a difference to those that need your help.


Yearly Pledge of Support.
Forge a personal relationship with AFC by providing leadership, philanthropic support, and enjoying highest VIP ticket priority on the events and concerts we organize. Be on our media posts, and event booklets advertising your business.
Your commitment will make a significant difference and helps to sustain AFC for years and generations to come.


Cherish the memory of a loved one by giving a gift in their memory, to recognize the important impact someone has had on your life.

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