April 2024 - Helping Hospitals in Albania with medical equipment for various departments. Doctors in Albania are able to shorten the length of surgeries and decrease trauma to tissues and exposure to contamination using these supplies. 

February 2024 - Collaboration with Boston University School of Medicine donating microscopes to the Faculty of Medicine at University of Tirana, Albania 

November 2023 - Helping Hospital of Korca and Tirana Albania. Cardiology with  two EKG and Surgery Department

April 2023 - Helping Hospital of Korca, Albania - Phneumology and Surgery Department

December 2022 – “Toys for Kids” – Giving toys and financial help to children in Oncology Dep at the Hospital in Tirana – Albania

April 2021- Helping Hospitals in Albania and Kosovo  during Covid

November 2020 – Helping Hospital of Korca in Albania during Covid
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